The association La Ludo d'Iton offers Escape Games! An Escape Game is a cooperative investigative game for a group of people based on puzzle solving and logical associations. Locked in a room, players must search, find clues, then solve puzzles to win.
3 scenarios are proposed:

# The assembly of black magicians, a scenario accessible to families (children from 8 years old) and experienced players.
From 2 to 6 players. Duration: 1 hour.
A rumor circulates in the village; black magicians would be up to something bad. Young and intrepid adventurers you have just found their meeting place. Can you find out what they're up to and get out of it alive?

# The mysterious disappearance of private detective Édouard Mc Fallen, a scenario for adults.
From 2 to 5 players. Duration: 1 hour.
We have been without news of private detective Édouard Mc Fallen for several days. Investigators in your state, you have an hour in front of you to search his office before other inspectors commissioned by the high authorities dismiss you from this case which seems very sensitive ...

# The Caravan, roaming, scenario inside a caravan. It aims to initiate Escape Games and can be ordered for a particular activity (fair, birthday, EVJ / EVG, etc ...).
From 2 to 4 players maximum. Duration: 30 mins.
Sponsored by the DGSE, this caravan is an experimental recruitment prototype. In order to identify the best elements, recruiting agents crisscross France and take the caravan test. To be an outstanding agent you need qualities of observation, analysis and patience. Will you be up to the challenge? Do you have the build of a secret agent?

Spoken languages

  • French

Prices & payment methods

From €18 to €40 per person.

  • French bank and postal checks
  • Cash


All year round by reservation.
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