"La Ludo d'Iton" is an associative toy library based in the south of the Eure department. It offers activities centered on games and playful objects.
The idea is to adapt the game for everyone, for all generations and all audiences. He is a creator of social ties and promotes cultural openness.

Many meetings are regularly offered, several times a month:
Open outside school holidays, on Wednesdays and Saturdays.
Location: Next to the village hall of Saint-Nicolas d'Attez, 2 Village de l'Eglise, 27160 Sainte-Marie-d'Attez.
Welcoming families in a dedicated space to play on site. Several spaces for symbolic Games are offered, but also games with rules, or an early childhood space.

Open outside school holidays, Tuesday and Friday.
Location: Next to the village hall of Saint-Nicolas d'Attez, 2 Village de l'Eglise, 27160 Sainte-Marie-d'Attez.
The toy library is specially equipped for children under 3 years old, slide, sensory hopscotch, etc. (reservation required by email or telephone).

Every first Saturday of the month from 20:30 p.m.
Location: 83 rue de l'école in Saint-Ouen d'Attez.
The ambition of these evenings is conviviality, relaxation, laughter and the discovery of board games, with no other stake than the pleasure of playing. An evening with family or friends (recommended minimum age 8 years). A selection of games is made available to the public with a toy librarian to explain the rules and animate the games.

Every first Sunday of the month at the P'tit Bar in St-Ouen d'Attez (14-30 p.m.) and every second Tuesday of the month at the toy library in St-Nicolas d'Attez (17 p.m.-30 p.m.).
Games called "figurines": Army combat, Wargames, ... (Dungeon Saga, Eden, W40K, Gob'Z Heroes, Blood Bowl, ...) and the universes that surround them (painting of figurines, decorations of table, ...). This opening time is also dedicated to role-playing games, for beginners or for more experienced players.

*Every first Saturday of the month at the Verneuil media library (14-17 p.m.)
620 rue de La Madeleine - 27130 Verneuil d'Avre and Iton.
*Every third Saturday of the month at the Bourth media library (14-17 p.m.)
3 avenue de l'Europe - 27580 Bourth.
*Every third Friday of the month at the Damville media library (20:30-22:30 p.m.)
75 rue du Lieutenant Morin - 27240 Mesnils-sur-Iton.

During the school holidays, an ephemeral toy library is set up in the village halls in the south of the Eure. Places, dates and times on the Ludo d'Iton website or in the online agenda of the Normandy Sud Eure Tourist Office.

Outside school holidays, Tuesday from 19 p.m. to 20:30 p.m.
Location: Next to the village hall of Saint-Nicolas d'Attez.
Trollball is a sporting and playful discipline practiced in the medieval-fantasy environment of life-size role-playing games. A game is between two teams. The goal is to place a troll head in the well defended by the opposing team, while getting rid of his opponents with a touch using a foam and latex weapon.

The Ludo d'Iton is also the ally of a number of one-off fun events throughout the southern Eure region.
Also open every Wednesday afternoon in the summer.

Prices & payment methods

€3 per person, or annual subscription.

  • French bank and postal checks
  • Cash


During school term: Tuesday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. / 14 p.m.-16 p.m. Wednesday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. / 14 p.m.-18 p.m. Friday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m.-12 p.m./14 p.m.-17:30 p.m.

During school holidays: open every day in different locations in the area (see calendar).
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