Each week, the central squares of towns and villages come alive in a friendly and festive atmosphere. It is not uncommon to frequent places with the family because the country market is a sensory experience that reflects the terroir of a territory.

Here, residents and tourists come together around a common desire which is to consume differently and participate in maintaining the local economy. The producers and artisans will not hesitate to tell you about their products with passion and conviction. Taste, smell, appreciate the freshness of local and seasonal products. Cheese makers, pork butchers, market gardeners, artisans… Fill your basket with authentic flavors and souvenirs.

  • Monday morning : The Neuve Lyre (3 to 6 exhibitors)
  • Tuesday morning : Damville (20 exhibitors), L'Aigle (130 exhibitors), Tillieres-sur-Avre (4 exhibitors).
  • Wednesday morning : Breteuil-sur-Iton (20 exhibitors), Nonancourt (20 exhibitors).
  • Thursday morning : Conches-en-ouche (50 exhibitors)
  • Friday morning : Senonches (20 to 50 exhibitors), La Neuve-Lyre (3 to 6 exhibitors), Breteuil-sur-Iton (4 exhibitors).
  • Friday evening (16-19 p.m.): Chair-Dieu-du-Theil (5 exhibitors)
  • Saturday morning : Verneuil-sur-Avre (100 exhibitors), Rules (10 exhibitors)
  • Sunday morning : Verneuil-sur-Avre (from April to September, 15 exhibitors), Chennebrun (1 multi-product exhibitor), La Ferte-Vidame (12 exhibitors).