Verneuil-sur-Avre is a former medieval stronghold, on the border of the Duchy of Normandy, endowed with a remarkable historical heritage which has earned it the title of "Most Beautiful Detours of France". It has no less than 15 Historical Monuments.

You can discover it by following its two arrow circuits (historic center circuit, ditches circuit), by booking a guided tour (described below) or by visiting its buildings independently: Gray Tower, Saint Nicolas Abbey (during events), Sainte Madeleine church, Notre Dame church.

Words of stones

Along the canals, the facades of medieval houses, the twists and turns of the Gray Tower and the old St-Laurent church, discover several centuries of Norman history in the maze of streets and alleys of Verneuil where it was founded. in 1120 until the XNUMXth century. You will be amazed by the tower of La Madeleine and its stone lacework, the checkered facades of the Renaissance houses and by the many sculptures that adorn the monuments.

Duration: 2 hrs.
Prices: € 4 / person. Free under 12 years old. Group rate on request.
Good to know: walking tour, continuous standing. Visitors equipped with audiophones for large groups.

From the top of the Tour de La Madeleine

As you ascend this flamboyant Gothic gem, meet rich sculpted figures and wrap yourself in its exceptional stone lacework. Five centuries of history and architecture crowned by a breathtaking panorama.

Duration: 1 hrs.
Prices: € 3 / person. € 1 / 6-11 years old. Group rate on request.
Good to know: 9 people maximum per climb, prohibited for children under 6, not recommended for people prone to vertigo.

Secrets of the Abbey

Saint Nicolas The life of the Benedictines in the abbey from its foundation in 1627 until their departure in 2001. From the cloister to the church, passing through the abbess's parlor, the library, the refectory, the biscuit factory and the cells, enter into communion with the history of the place. A passionate guide takes you to every nook and cranny of this building steeped in history and secrets.

Duration: 2 hrs.
Prices: € 4 / person. Free under 12 years old. Group rate on request.
Good to know: unheated building, visit of the crypt reserved for small groups. Visitors equipped with audiophones for large groups.

Horse-drawn carriage stories

On board a horse-drawn carriage led by two Percherons, discover the riches of the historic center of Verneuil during a guided tour. To the rhythm of the horses, the history of the city and its metamorphoses are revealed. 2 formulas are available: Souvenirs of Verneuil (40 min), Medieval horse ride in the heart of the Duchy of Normandy (1h).

Price: on request.
Good to know: carriage limited to 13 places., Several tours during the day.

Verneuil-sur-Avre as a VIP

Guided tour of the historic center of Verneuil-sur-Avre and its buildings on foot or by coach. You have access to buildings that are regularly closed to the public. An exceptional panorama of the city is offered to you at the end of the visit. Local products are offered to you for tasting. The guide adapts his visit according to your wishes. If you are staying in accommodation in the center of Verneuil-sur-Avre, the guide will pick you up on site.

Duration: 3 hrs.
Formula on foot price: 60 € for 1 to 5 people. 5 € / pers. suppl.
Formula price in a coach: 320 € for 1 to 4 people.

Guided tours organized by the Normandy Sud Eure Tourist Office on dates scheduled by the Tourist Office (see our agenda) or on request for groups or individuals (determine the day and time that suit you subject to availability of the guide).
Contact us: 02 32 32 17 17