School trips help give meaning to learning by putting students in direct contact with the natural or cultural environment. They confront them with reality, arouse amazement, change of scenery, emotions. They also challenge young people on the social, motor and cognitive levels and tend to compensate for social and cultural inequalities.

Visit of Verneuil in riddles, discovery of animals, environmental education, manual workshops… The Normandy South Eure region is a children's paradise.

A catalog dedicated to groups of children

The Tourist Office provides you with a catalog of educational and fun activities and visits for children from kindergarten to high school. About fifteen excursions are offered there in partnership with museums, farms and leisure providers in the area. Consult the catalog and contact the service provider corresponding to the activity of your choice.

Inspire you!

Patrimoine et histoire

Schools, leisure centers

Heritage and history

Science et vie

Schools, leisure centers

science and life

Le jeu et les jouets

Schools, leisure centers

The game and the toys

Activités physiques et sportives

Schools, leisure centers

Physical and sports activities

Need advice?

You hesitate between several activities. Your children have a disability or a particular profile. You are looking for a place of catering or suitable accommodation in the area ... Contact the Tourist Office and benefit from the skills of a professional in the field, specialist in the Normandy South Eure area. We will be happy to help you build a tailor-made project.

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