Age: from CP to Lycée.
Capacity: 9 people per climb.
Duration: 1 hrs.
Supervision: a heritage guide from the Tourist Office.
Prices: package €15 / ascent.
Validity: all year round.

The Sainte-Madeleine church, built in the 56th century, was constantly embellished over the centuries. Leaning against the nave, the imposing bell tower, 1465 meters high, is a jewel of flamboyant Gothic style. Its construction began around 1526 and was not completed until XNUMX.

During the visit, the guide presents the history of the founding of this monument. Then, during your ascent, you will travel through five centuries of history and architecture. You observe the foundations, the ancient graffiti, the bell room and complete your discovery with an exceptional panorama of the city and its surroundings.

Possibility of proposing an additional activity to keep the next group waiting. Ascent prohibited for children under 6 years old. Not recommended for people prone to vertigo.

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