The Gray Tower is the famous Vernolian medieval keep made entirely of Grison stone.
In 1204, the king of France Philippe Auguste, new master of Normandy, distrusting the Vernolians who had repeatedly demonstrated their attachment to the Anglo-Norman crown, had it built in order to establish a garrison responsible for monitoring the inhabitants. .
In 1889, the restoration of the tower was inaugurated by Mr. Duval Lampérière. He transformed the tower into a hotel, adding false stands, statue supports for the gargoyles and a false fireplace upstairs.
Enter the dungeon and meet the woman nicknamed the Lady of the Gray Tower, dressed in her XNUMXth century clothes, she will tell you the fascinating history of this imposing building.

Possibility of combining with a guided tour of the Abbey of Saint-Nicolas or In the footsteps of the inhabitants of the Middle Ages.

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