Age: from CP to Lycée.
Capacity: groups of 6 to 10 children.
Duration: variable according to age and activity.
Supervision: cycle and motorcycle mechanic, "know how to ride" training, former driving school instructor.
Prices: 40 € per hour + travel expenses (on estimate).
Validity: all year round.

Having fun, discovering, doing it yourself, are the objectives of these workshops proposed by the association Le Pied à Coulisse.

  • Bike auto-repair workshop : Know how to maintain and repair your bike. Discover, and use, the tools in complete safety. Gain autonomy. Concrete application of acquired knowledge at school: speed ratio, with the transmission (chainring-pinion), notions of balance, dissipation of kinetic energy in the form of thermal energy (braking) ... Mechanical workshops take place in small groups.
  • How to ride workshops: learn to control your bike using studs, cones, on a closed circuit. Learn about signage, know how to position yourself on the road and communicate with other road users. Become autonomous by bike, in complete safety.

Le Pied à Coulisse has a workshop truck, as well as a small fleet of bicycles, which can be made available to facilitate logistics.

These activities take place within your establishment.

The Pied à Coulisse association also offers bicycle rental for your leisure activities. Rental of adult and child mountain bikes (from 4 to 14 years old), electric bikes, baby seats, helmets and anti-theft devices.
Rental by appointment, delivery or collection at the association's headquarters.

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