Age: from kindergarten to high school.
Capacity: up to 18 students on site, adaptable on the move.
Duration: on demand.
Supervision: games facilitator
Prices: on estimate. From 110 € for 2 hours of entertainment. From 15 € per game
traditional borrowed.
Validity: all year round.

The game creates social bonds and brings cultural openness. It is a fantastic popular education tool. Conviviality, education, socialization and pleasure are the key words of the game library. By encouraging play, it helps children grow. La Ludo d'Iton offers games, advice, loans and entertainment.

• Loan of equipment and play areas. In a spirit of sustainable development, the Ludo d'Iton offers equipment loan for communities (school, leisure center, etc.). Sensory and motor skills area, smoothie bike, water circuit, traditional and oversized games, worksite area, smart max are some of the games that can be borrowed.
The à la carte game library (installation and entertainment). Development of play areas on a defined theme, implementation of specific activities, game challenges, creation of games, educational support, etc. Do not hesitate to consult us, we will support you on all your projects around the game.

Game on site. Group welcome in the Saint-Nicolas d'Attez game library for games on site. The play areas can be adapted according to the educational project, workshops (Kaplas, game creation, Troll Ball, etc.) can be set up after consultation with the teaching team.

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