Age: from kindergarten to high school.
Capacity: Up to 50 people
Duration: 1h15
Supervision: domain beekeeper.
Prices: €5 per child aged 3 to 18. €6 per adult. Free for teachers and chaperones. Package possible for arrival at 10 a.m. and departure at 15 p.m. with picnic on site.
Validity: all year round.

The Apiary of Authieux is an educational and participatory apiary which promotes the breeding of bees in a natural environment without any chemical treatment on the foragers. The farm selects a breed of local black bees.

The children are divided into 3 groups following one another in 3 different workshops (one supervisor required in each group):

  1. Playful workshop around the educational DIGIZZ hive (digital tool suitable for children) in order to prepare the magic moment around real hives.
  2. Workshop to discover active hives, in beekeeper clothing (suits provided). Presentation of how a hive works, the composition of a bee colony, etc. (March to the end of October).
  3. Additional workshop: making beeswax candles.

The visit ends with a great tasting for everyone!

Picnic on site. Possibility of purchasing hive products in the store (checks or cash).

The activities can take place at the Rucher des Authieux, within your establishment with “Ma ruche digitale” or on the site of your choice.

The Apiary of Authieux - 5, route de Rugles - les Marnières
27330 Bois-Anzeray
Tel: +07 89 03 41 68
[email protected]