Age: from kindergarten to high school.
Capacity: 1 to 4 classes.
Duration: half day or full day depending on the activity chosen.
Supervision: nature environment coordinator from CREE.
Prices: € 120 per half-day per class.
Availability: from September to June.

Building on the diversity of natural environments and the rich heritage of the Domaine de Chambray, CREE is developing activities in several areas.

• Aquatic and humid environments
Activities to discover the flora and fauna of the Iton river. Fishing and identification of invertebrates in rivers to assess water quality. Discovery of life in the pond and its preservation. Walk with workshops on the role of wetlands.
• Forest environments
Discovery of the forest, the life of the tree or the animals of the forest. Search for small soil creatures, determination, observation with binocular magnifying glasses. Orienteering.
• Vegetable garden, food and agriculture
Natural gardening, fun discovery of fruits and vegetables. Educational workshops on the impact of food on the environment. Discovery of the farm: crops, chicken and cow breeding and agricultural equipment. Escape game in the vegetable garden with smartphone (grades from 4th to XNUMXth grade).
• Culture and history
Fun visit to Chambray Castle. Rally game to discover the seigneurial domain of Chambray.

Activities available at the Domaine de Chambray but also within your school. Organization of water classes. Possibility of discovery classes with accommodation in the high school boarding school and catering in the refectory (end of June).

Environmental Resources and Education Center
Edouard de Chambray High School
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