Age: from kindergarten to CM2.
Capacity: 2 classes (up to 50 children)
Duration: 1h30, including tasting.
Supervision: the visit is provided by the owner or a specialized employee.
Prices: € 5,50 / child. Free for teachers and guides.
Validity: all year round

The Louvier farm specializes in raising pigs and chickens. The pigs are born on the farm and raised outdoors. The chickens, received as one-day-old chicks, are raised on straw and have free access to the open air range from the age of 6 weeks. Animal feed is guaranteed 100% plant-based. By visiting the farm, you will be able to see the animals, the breeding methods and taste the products.

  1. During a walk on breeding, explanations given according to the level of the class: presentation of food, reproduction, birth and development of the animal.
  2. The themes linked to the development of animal and plant life, respect for the environment, the food chain are approached by discovering in a concrete way farm animals and cereals.
  3. To illustrate the explanations, several games are offered: Recognition of seeds and which plants and finished products they are associated with. Recognize eggs and which birds they are associated with.
  4. Tasting (at the reception café or at afternoon tea) of rillette and sausage slices, apple juice and Norman cakes (or fruit depending on the season).

Possibility of a preparatory meeting with the owners of the farm. Large reception room on site.

The Louvier Farm
Le Louvier - RN12
27130 Tails
Tel: +02 32 37 61 39
[email protected]