Between Verneuil-sur-Avre and Center Parcs, the Bois Francs greenway is a walking route perfectly suited to families and sports.

The smallest of the 6 greenways in the Eure department

Accessible to everyone, including people with reduced mobility, the Eure greenways are perfect for walks, bicycles, rollerblades, with family or friends, or invigorating jogging! Forbidden to motorized vehicles and horses, they offer a walking space that combines safety, comfort and a pleasant natural setting.

La Greenway of the Hardwoods is the smallest in the department. Its 8.5 km link the medieval city of Verneuil-sur-Avre to the Center Parcs tourist residence. The villages of Barils and Pullay are also on the route. Its route follows that of the legendary GR22 from Paris to Mont-Saint-Michel. Thus, residents, pilgrims and vacationers meet regularly on this axis of walk.

A greenway bordered by historical and natural heritage

This cycle path on its own site, like the tourist residence, bears the name of Bois Francs in reference to the wooded area it crosses. At the time of the Duchy of Normandy, it was located in enemy territory: that of the Kingdom of the Franks.

On your route, linger in the village of Pullay. The architecture of its small church, its conservatory orchard, its preserved ponds and its traditional thatched cottages are worth a detour. Continue your walk to Les Barrels. In this village, whose name comes from the small barrel that was once made there, you will discover charming homes, fields as far as the eye can see, a town full of flowers in all seasons, a beautiful church and a bistronomic restaurant of very good reputation. At the other end of the way, a few hundred meters after the prestigious Ecole des Roches, you enter the town of Verneuil-sur-Avre. The richness of its architectural and natural heritage has earned it the title of Plus Beaux Détours de France. Take advantage of the weekly market, stroll through the shopping streets of the city center, visit its medieval keep, its abbey or the monumental tower of its church.

This escapade on the Bois Francs greenway is at the same time a sporting, cultural and natural experience.