The practices are varied to cross the 300 km of hiking trails in our region. On foot, by mountain bike, on horseback or with donkeys, you are spoiled for choice! To appreciate the enchanting landscapes, take our small and large hiking trails, crossing peaceful countryside and villages.

The Normandy South Eure area is a hiker's paradise!

Walkers, from the novice to the most seasoned, will find what they are looking for among about fifty short hiking circuits, of which about thirty are accessible by mountain bike or on horseback. From 2 to 46 km, these loops have varying reliefs and difficulties allowing everyone to walk at their own pace.

A diversity of landscapes and heritage all year round

The circuits of the territory crisscross plains and forests, skirt rivers and cross villages and hamlets. During your walk, you will come across many buildings of the small local heritage such as manors, chapels, mariettes, washhouses, mills and other sometimes unusual monuments.

In the fall, you will admire the shimmering colors of the forest massifs. In Spring, it will be necessary to be discreet to observe the awakening of nature (the bees buzz, the tits sing and the passerines nest in the wet meadows, the toad and the green frog are more noisy!) In summer, you will go seek freshness near streams and in the heart of forests. In winter, you will travel through the frost covered expanses where nature is dormant.

Fourneau Space - Condé-sur-Iton

Quality hiking trails

The footpaths of the territory are traced and marked out by the Departmental Federation of Hiking. The paths are regularly maintained by the Intercommunality. The Tourist Office remains attentive to users to maintain the quality of these circuits.

Gouville © Caroline Ledoux

In the saddle !

This network of trails in the Normandy South Eure territory is also a privileged space for riders and their mounts. The equestrian centers of the territory offer the possibility of renting a horse, a pony or a donkey to explore the countryside alone or accompanied by an experienced instructor.

For thrill seekers, most of the circuits are accessible by mountain bike. Low drop for novices or narrow trails presenting small obstacles for adventurers of the handlebars, to each their own course! From bicycle rental companies offer mountain bikes and electric bicycles.

SSaint-Christophe-sur-Avre © Eye Eure Productions