Normandie Sud Eure presents a rich and exceptional flora and fauna in all seasons. With its three valleys, ponds, ponds and forests, the destination has treasures of local biodiversity.

Sensitive natural spaces developed and protected

The Department of Eure works for the protection and enhancement of natural spaces. Thereby, the wetland of Tillières-sur-Avre, Iton river on the Domaine de Chambray, the ponds and the wet afforestation of Breteuil as well as the renatured wetland of the Fourneau de Condé-sur-Iton are classified as Sensitive Natural Areas.

Other routes of interpretation of the remarkable natural heritage are added to these protected spaces. Interactive orientation course, discovery of sustainable agriculture, La-Foret-en-Chambray et Avre of Nature present other facets of the landscapes of the south of the Eure. 

These sites are designed for walking. Educational booklets, trails adapted for people with reduced mobility, information panels, fishing pontoons, picnic tables, play area… are some of the equipment that you will encounter in some of these areas.

An invitation to observe flora and fauna


Areas of refuge for many species of birds, insects and amphibians, these natural spaces are a true paradise for those who wish to observe nature. Equipped with binoculars or a camera, arm yourself with patience. Nature comes to meet the one who shows discretion!

Natural animations

An alternative is possible for the neophyte who is curious. Discovery of medicinal plants, nocturnal walks in the footsteps of amphibians, observation of gray herons, wild bees and honey plants ... Each year, activities are organized by local associations. Young and old are invited to a fun and educational exploration of nature. Check out our agenda.