Fancy an active day full of challenges and sensations? Getaways with friends offer the prospect of sharing laughs and making great memories. Sports, thrills, emotions and conviviality are the ingredients of an unforgettable trip with friends. With its many leisure activities, the Normandy Sud Eure destination is a great playground for a group of friends in search of emotions.

Surf the wave in Mesnils-sur-Iton

It all starts on the Damville pond. You shiver. It's not the freshness of the water that causes these thrills, but the adrenaline! Standing on your board, clinging to your paddle, you seek your balance on the surface of the water. And then you start. The friends are amazed! You are as comfortable as Kelly Slater on the waves of Huntington Beach! You slalom between canoes and pedal boats. That's it, you're addicted to the sensations of Stand up paddle.

Laser game, the wilderness escape

Direction the park Acting Leisure for a laser game in the heart of nature. Wooded area, obstacles, barricades, equipped with an infrared launcher, use strategy and speed to complete your mission. For those who haven't said their last word, they'll settle their score in an inflatable sumo fight.

Late night entertainment

This evening, you may return to the P'tit Bar de la Mairie to meet up around a evening of board games or role-playing games. Unless you prefer to go to Verneuil d'Avre et d'Iton? Make a canvas at Le Trianon cinema or share a concert of current music at the Silo.

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