In Normandy South Eure, water holds an important place in the landscape. Rivers, ponds, alluvial forests, ponds… Even medieval ditches and ballast pits are filled with water! If you are sensitive to the poetry of aquatic spaces, this road trip along the water will seduce you!

Contemplate the shimmering waters of the pond

 "Our most beautiful memories bloom on the pond" sang Léo Ferré. TO The Iton Leisure Center, no doubt, there are many opportunities to build beautiful memories!

Begin your walk at dawn. When a light mist covers the surface of the water, it is not uncommon to detect the shadow of a swan or a pair of wild ducks. A little later in the morning, the fishermen settle down at the water's edge and the joggers appear. Join the fans of pétanque on the bowling alley to play until happy hour.

At noon, set up your picnic, taking care to stay away from the swans and the overly greedy ducks.

The afternoon is the excitement! Canoes, kayaks, pedal boats and paddles take place on the surface of the calm waters while thrill seekers experience the pleasures of sliding on the water ski lift.

It is time for you to get away from this joyful bustle and find the calm of the countryside, 7 km away.

When we walk by the water

"Sorrows and sorrows of the week, everything is drowned in the blue, in the green" sang Jean Gabin. This is the promise of this stroll along the river on the Domain of Chambray.

At the foot of the imposing castle, flows the Iton. Insects, amphibians and birds thrive in the midst of wet meadows, reed beds and aquatic vegetation favored by this stream.

Follow him landscaped path. Observe kingfishers and dragonflies. Unless it is the opposite! Sit on this stump. Be silent and contemplate the flora and fauna that drink from this constantly moving water.

Do you want to discover our other valleys? Becquet, Espace du Fourneau, Fossés du Roy… The territory has many aquatic spaces imbued with poetry like the ones you have just explored. Each season brings them a different reflection. Melancholic, bucolic, romantic, inspiring, soothing or refreshing, our walks over the water have not finished surprising you!