Organized by theAssociation Friends of Music and the Arts, che classical music and poetry festival takes place every year, in spring, in churches and theaters in the south of Eure.

“This festival has now become an original signature throughout the region of the South of Eure, a captivating journey for all audiences in a varied artistic landscape where music, poetry, song, word and gesture mingle… an overwhelming universe of emotions. ” Gérard Gasparian - Artistic Director of the Festival

An eclectic program of quality

Corsican polyphonies, operas, orchestras, recitals, poems, conferences…. This festival celebrates music and the arts in various forms. Georges Bizet, Beethoven, Chopin, Vivaldi… The works performed are sometimes famous, classic or contemporary.

Young talents, experienced concert performers or renowned actors, the artists have in common a passion for music. The quality of the performances is greeted by an ever-increasing audience. Thus, since the first edition in 2008, great names have followed one another such as Claude Bolling, Marie-Christine Barrault, Michel Portal, Macha Méril, Brigitte Fossey, Francis Perrin, Christian Morin and Frédéric Lodéon.

Many musicians of the young generation such as Vincent Peirani, Guillaume Vincent, Julie Fuchs, Maïlys de Villoutreys, Jean-Paul Gasparian, Louis Rodde, Eric Artz, the “Morphing” saxophone quartet, have crisscrossed the territory of southern France. Eure at their start, and have since embarked on a successful career.

Music to meet all audiences

Beyond a rich program of ten concerts, the Eure Poétique et Musicale Festival also offers educational interventions in schools. Professional musicians introduce children to their instruments, play classical music, cartoons or video games.

Some concerts are dedicated to young audiences, such as the Mickey Mouse cine-concert with the Lower Normandy regional orchestra in 2014 or the musical tale “The Land of Trees” scheduled for 2020.

So that music remains accessible to all and attracts a family audience, the association has established free admission for children under 16.

Whether you are a music lover or a neophyte, a lover of classical music or anxious to discover other worlds, the Eure Poétique et Musical Festival is open to everyone and always in a friendly spirit.

L'Eure Poétique et Musicale will perform from May 26 to June 29, 2024.