Need to settle your accounts? Don't hesitate any longer: put on your gloves and step onto the tatami... And don't forget your wetsuit!

Literally step into the shoes of a Japanese wrestling champion. You suddenly feel heavier. Your movements are slower and you feel less agile. Now you need to gather all your energy and knock your opponent down or out of the circle. In twos or fours, you will have to show balance and strategy. Beware of falling! It doesn't hurt, but you will need help to get up. Laughter guaranteed!


  • From Wednesday to Sunday, reservation required.
  • From 5 € / person.
  • Duration: 30 to 60 minutes depending on formula.
  • Acting Loisirs, Tillières-sur-Avre. Phone: 06 61 61 54 44.

Good to know

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All ages from 7 years old.

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Open all year.

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4 wetsuit sizes available. Outdoor activity.