60 minutes pour résoudre une enquête

60 minutes to resolve an investigation

Cultivate the family spirit during the immersive experience of an escape game Stimulate your team spirit and test your resistance to tense situations Laughs [...]

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S’initier aux secrets d’un maître chocolatier

Learn about the secrets of a master chocolatier

Because of the quality of its aromas and its plantations, cooking Cluizel chocolate is in itself a remarkable culinary experience. The chocolate factory offers you much more than that! His [...]

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Approcher une ruche en pleine effervescence

Approach a bustling beehive

What better way to understand the bee than to invite itself into its hive! Put on a full suit and get as close as possible to the swarms of the Rucher des Authieux Pas de [...]

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Jouer avec mon enfant au cours d’une visite guidée

Play with my child on a guided tour

And if you strengthen your bond with your child around a collaborative game The family guided tours of Verneuil-sur-Avre shape playful memories and [...]

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