Privatiser un musée pour jouer

Privatize a museum to play

In a museum, it is forbidden to touch, run or make noise And if we broke the codes Tonight, the museum is closed However, you and your friends have an appointment there But you [...]

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Combattre un sumo

fight a sumo

Need to settle your accounts Don't hesitate any longer: put on your gloves and step onto the tatami... And don't forget your overalls! Literally step into the skin [...]

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Passer la journée dans les eaux tropicales normandes

Spend the day in the tropical waters of Normandy

Towel on the shoulder, equipped with your swimsuit, you enter a real "Water Paradise" The vegetation is lush The space is huge and bright [...]

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Suivre la course du soleil dans un dôme tournant

Follow the course of the sun in a rotating dome

Last night, comfortably installed under the roof window, you observed the stars This morning, you woke up with the light of day and the song of the birds When [...]

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Immersion dans le quotidien des sœurs bénédictines

Immersion in the daily life of the Benedictine Sisters

Although deconsecrated in 2001, this Benedictine abbey has preserved its authenticity Walking through the building, one expects at any time to meet a sister at the bend of a [...]

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Câliner des animaux nains

Cuddle dwarf animals

"Everything that's small is cute !" This expression takes on its full meaning in this dwarf animal farm Hold out your hand They come naturally to you Scratch behind [...]

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Evasion sur le green

Escape on the green

In the middle of a green expanse, listen to the wind Stay still Stare at the horizon With both hands, you grab your club, your back straight Your shoulders are relaxed, the muscles [...]

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Passez le « permis de conduire un tank »

Pass the "tank driver's license"

You dreamed of it and military service did not give you this opportunity... The engine backfires like a thermal tiller Wearing a military helmet, seated at the controls of your [...]

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Gravir les 212 marches d’un clocher

Climb the 212 steps of a steeple

Climbing the tower of the Sainte-Madeleine church is an intense experience for body and mind. Progressing up the spiral staircase gives you the [...]

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S’initier aux secrets d’un maître chocolatier

Learn about the secrets of a master chocolatier

Because of the quality of its aromas and its plantations, cooking Cluizel chocolate is in itself a remarkable culinary experience. The chocolate factory offers you much more than that! His [...]

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Approcher une ruche en pleine effervescence

Approach a bustling beehive

What better way to understand the bee than to invite itself into its hive! Put on a full suit and get as close as possible to the swarms of the Rucher des Authieux Pas de [...]

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