Distance: 5,6 km
Duration (average) : 1:45
Elevation: 44 m D +
Departure: Mesnils-sur-Iton - Condé sur Iton - rue du fourneau


By mountain bike

On horseback

This circuit was formerly called “Circuit of the valley and the pond”. Since 2016, the Iton river has found its original bed and the pond has disappeared. This circuit goes around the sensitive natural space of the Fourneau de Condé-sur-Iton then explores the hamlets and woods of the village. The opportunity to discover the two castles and the house of the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda.

Your itinerary

Mesnils-sur-Iton - Condé sur Iton - rue du Fourneau


Step 1

From the car park, go to the natural area of ​​Fourneau de Condé. At the Iton, turn right and walk along the river. Near the wash house, continue straight. Pass on winnowing. On the road, go to the left. After the Iton, take the path going into the woods on the left.

Step 2

At the fork, take the first winding path overlooking the river. At the junction with the GRP (yellow and red markings), turn right on the path which goes up into the woods. Go through the barrier. At the exit of the wood, go to the left. Continue on this path until you reach the road. Take the road (rue des Sautillières) to the left, then turn left in the street of the old presbytery. Cross the Iton and turn into the first path on the right. Take the first path on the left, then the first on the left again.

Step 3

Cross the road and follow the chemin des merisiers opposite. Before entering the woods, go down to the river by the path on the left. Cross the ditch and walk along the fence on the right. Cross the river then walk along it to the right. Before entering the woods, take the footbridge on the right to reach the Espace du Fourneau car park.
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