Fest'Iton is a festival that highlights street arts and live performance. Actors, acrobats, jugglers, musicians…. Every summer, the weekend before National Day, several companies of artists roam the historic heart of Damville to the delight of young and old.

A festive weekend

Since 2016, the Fest’Iton, organized by the CAM (Mesnils Animation Committee) and the municipality of Mesnils-sur-Iton, takes place around a flea market and a craft market. It begins outdoors on Saturday evening with a country meal, followed by the opening show. A parade with lanterns behind a wandering fanfare closed this first evening.

On Sundays, the craft market and flea market take place. Then street shows and various activities take place all day long in the city center and on the Leisure base. The festival ends around the ponds with a musically animated paella, a closing show and a large fireworks display.

An event accessible to all

The fact that Fest'Iton is free makes it an all-public and family event par excellence. Its location in the historic heart of the city contributes to providing ease of movement and a feeling of security for festival-goers who can stroll over the 600 m of the site, not counting the space of the squares, and freely enjoy the activities and shows. and various peddlers. 

Street artists claim their address to as many people as possible. They go to meet people “where they are” and break the ritual of being summoned to a performance hall. Thus the Fest'Iton offers quality performances for all audiences. It breathes poetry, laughter and wonder into this small town in the south of Eure where the architecture and natural environment provide the ideal setting. Its position in a rural environment makes it a precious and rare festival in Eure.